Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BLOG UPDATE 10-7-2013

September was when they had the 50th. anniversary celebration for the PCC.

We did not go to anything it was more of a reunion for all those that have worked and served at the PCC.
September 8, 2013;  Marsha attended a fireside at the Laie Stake Center, the speaker was Sister Wendy Watson Nelson the wife of Elder Russell M. Nelson.  Her topic was “What Would a Holy Woman Do”.  She expressed her desire to just do every day acts a little better each day, such as spending time with your children, family, church calling, relationships, cleaning your home etc.  Not to be perfect, just a little better.  To think about what we are doing with the time Heavenly Father has given us.
September 21, 2013; We attended the Missionary Conference for all the missionaries on Oahu with Elder Jeffery R. Holland.  A great experience, we all filed up to the front of the chapel to shake his hand along with his wife and a member of the presidency of the 70 Elder Ulisses Soares and his wife.  Elder Holland explained that he General Authorities used to interview every missionary every year. Since there are too many to do that now they shake each one’s hand and look them in the eye and that is the interview.  Some of the subjects he touched on were:
1.     The need to honor our temple covenants
2.     Don’t make the mission president babysit you, grow up at home.
3.     While on a mission you are an Apostle with a small “a” because you do the same thing as He does spread the gospel.
4.     Always stay strong, it is your duty even after your mission.
5.     You cannot go inactive or set a bad example as a returned missionary.
6.     You should go home with at least one convert…You! Then work as hard as you can to teach others.
7.     You will be changed forever by serving a mission.
We will be changed forever because of our service this last seventeen months.  It has been worth everything we have put into it.
September 29, 2013:  Happy Birthday Paul, Love Ya.
Marsha went to the Woman’s Broadcast.  She ask Michelle McKee to go with her, she was baptized a year ago last July.  She was active for about six months and then started working and fell into some old habits and stopped coming.  She is moving out of our ward at the end of the month…but wanted to know we love and need her.  We try to visit her each month.  She accepted and was excited to come.  Rena Phung our bishops wife & Chris Petty, a senior sister missionary from Texas came with Marsha.  The messages were perfect for Michelle, Honoring your baptism covenants… She said that she truly felt the spirit.  Good evening.
October 1, 2013:  We went to the temple today.  The person Marsha went through for was born on October 1, 1742, hope she accepted the gift of the temple. 
October 2, 2013:  Kahana Valley class day, Grandpa Kahala let his grandchildren Chenell, Angel and Shyla come to our class today.  We are always glad when they can come.  The grandparents have legal custody, they would like to be baptized, their father ask them “Why don’t you join a Christian Church”.  We had five nonmembers, five members and two too young to be baptized at class. 
After class we visited with J.D. a 16 year old who also lives in Kahana Valley.  His mom and brothers are all inactive members, he was never baptized.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation.  He gave the closing prayer and prayed “I hope I can go to Church”.  This was a huge step for him and his mother who sat in on the lesson also.  He has attended Y.M. a few times but not Sacrament meetings.
October 5, 2013:  Conference weekend, love it, here in Hawaii it starts at 6:00 A.M.  We met with all the Sister Missionaries & Young Elders in our Zone at the Visitors Center to watch this session.  Afterward the three Senior Couples at the V.C. and us provided breakfast, fresh fruit & muffins.  We always enjoy the company.

October 7, 2013:  Perparation day,  We had a couple of missionaries over for breakfast we always enjoy visiting with them.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Some pictures....

4th of July festivities with some of the Elders

 and Sisters.

Making fireworks art.

Water Balloon fight
FHE with the Mauck Family near the Temple
Playing games with the Kahana Valley Kids

Elder Samani putting on the "Whole Armor of God"
Actors in the Kahana Valley Lesson

July's events

Sunday July 1, 2013 Barry and Nanci Wishart who have been good friends went home.  They were serving in the Hauula 6th. (Tongan) Ward.  They went home a month early because of his health. We miss visiting with them since they were the only other MLS missionaries on this side of the island we had the work in common. Many of the CES & PCC Senior Couple Missionaries that we became friends with have gone home. More are coming every week, most of them will be serving at the PCC.
Monday, July 2, 2013 We invited some of the Sister Missionaries over for breakfast this morning.  Two of them Sister Eaton & Sister Richardson from Russia were adopted by LDS families.  Sister Richardson was the room mate of our former Bishop Patterson’s daughter at BYU Idaho.  It was fun to have them over and hear the conversion stories from the Russian Sisters.
Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Our classes in Kahana are going well.  We are almost finished with the Book of Mormon. We did a story about our country, flag & pioneers.  We then did a graphic making images of fireworks exploding and pasting them on black paper so that it look like they were exploding in the dark.
Thursday, July 4, 2013 we spent the late afternoon with the Young Elders & Sisters.  We took our little barbeque and did hot dogs & roasted marshmallows.  They played capture the flag, Bocce Ball and of course the Elders brought water balloons already filled with water. They all had fun getting wet.  We came home early, this year there were no fireworks in the neighborhood like last year.
Saturday, July 6, 2013 We met our new mission President and his wife each of the Laie Mission Districts met with him to give a short bio and he and his wife did also.  President Stephen Warner is from Salt Lake City, they will do well.  Being mission president is a big job.  Marsha had a dream that President Warner asked us to go home early because we were not spiritual enough.  He didn’t say anything Saturday when we met him so I guess we are safe for now. HaHa.
Sunday, July 7, 2013 A few weeks ago our district decided they wanted to go tracting- mainly because the sisters had never done it.  We too went, we were not good at tracting – that was hard - to knock on doors and ask people to hear a message.  We found one lady that would let the elders come the next Friday that was the day she would be home.  The tried and she was not home.
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 Transfer day one Elder went home and three others were transferred to other areas.  One of the new Elders is from Reno, Elder Hansen so there are three Nevadans in our zone now.
Friday, July 19, 2013 We taught our first lesson to Nick Suliafu who is originally from Tonga.  His girlfriend is Tongan and a returned missionary, she brought him to the meeting.  He requested that older missionaries teach him so we are combining with the young Elders in the girlfriends ward to teach him.  He is divorced, in his 40’s and has children who have served missions and his ex-wife is a member but he has never felt the spirit strong enough to be baptized. He knows some things about the gospel we have an appointment with him next Friday.  We are meeting at the Temple Visitors Center which is a great place to bring an investigator.
Monday, 7/22/2013 Preparation Day,  Attended Family Home Evening at President Warner’s (Mission Home) We have a new Military Couple.  Nice evening.  President and Sister Warner will be wonderful.  They want to emphasis will be baptisms and a strong emphasis on teaching the young elders &sisters to be great husbands, wives and leaders.  This will be great for them.
Tuesday, 7-23-2013 Marsha’s sister Cathy’s birthday, She had a nice (long) visit with her on the phone. She and Leonard have moved to St. George, they seem to like it so far.
We attended the BHU-H devotional, always nice and always have good messages.  We went to the Oceanside Assisted living place but found none or the members’ home.
Wednesday, 7/24/2013 Pioneer Day, We had Zone meeting in the morning, met all the new Elders & Sisters.  We really enjoy our association with them, we are amazed at how much they want to teach the Gospel and follow the mission rules.
We went to Kahana in the afternoon for our class.  We picked up Sister McKinney and Sister Eaton to go with us and the threesome Elders assigned to our 2nd. Ward came too.  We had a lesson on Pioneers & played pioneer games for an activity after the lesson.  Marsha invited the Beehive advisor and the Relief Society president to bring some of their small children. There were ten children (4 from the members) and three new young girls (11, 10, & 8 years old) who are  not members and two boys ( 7 & 5) all from Kahana.  We may not get the adults active but the children are receptive to the spirit of the Gospel.
After class we had our weekly missionary correlation meeting with the Samoan Ward Mission Leader and the young Elders Assigned to that ward.
Has an appointment in Kaneohe, since we were 3/4th of the way there, we went to the  Mission office to get some items for the Missionary effort in the Samoan ward. 
Friday, 7/26/2013 We had another meeting with Nick our new Tongan investigator.  It is going well we invited him to church again and he said he would really try.
Saturday, 7/27/2013 We attended a baptism, it was a person that the Wisharts were teaching with the Tongan Ward Missionaries.  After the baptism the ward had a luncheon in one of the beach parks.  Not much Tongan food that we have acquired a taste for especially the raw fish salad they seem to always have.

Monday, June 10, 2013

May 7-16, 2013
Yay!! Sarah, Cam & Miles came, what a cutie Miles is and a BIG flirt.  We had a grand time with them, we went to the beach several times.  Sarah & Cam went snorkeling, we all went to the swap meet in Honolulu (good buys there) dinner at the Turtle Bay Country Club, and shopping . They went with us to our Kahana class twice to help us teach and do a craft for the children to give to their mothers for Mother’s Day.  They even went with us to Costco for a hot dog, pizza and gas!  There is nothing too good for our kids!!! (ha ha).  They were able to attend the Mauck family baptism it was special to have them here to be a part of our mission.  It was hard to have them leave.  Our house was mighty empty after they left.
Tami & Jake Fackrell came the day before Sarah left there were here on vacation but graciously consented to come to our side of the island to do a program titled “Strengthening Relationships” for our 2nd. Ward on Friday evening May 17th.  They did a wonderful insightful and entertaining presentation.  Everyone that attended enjoyed the program.
Monday May 27th, Janice and Dave Campbell will be here for her work.  We will get to visit them a few times.
Saturday May 25th eight of us Senior Sister Missionaries drove to Honolulu to tour the Doris Duke “Shangri La” mansion.  Very elaborate with vivid ceramics from Syria, paintings and metal work from Islamic cultures, it is a 14,000 square foot house-fun to see but cold to live in.  Beautiful view with Huge windows, installed by Otis elevator that at a push of a button lower into the floor.  It is near Diamond Head and two doors from Jim Nabors house.
Doesn’t sound much like a mission, more like a vacation… but we do go visit or have meetings every day.  We just manage to have visitors also.
Sunday evening May 26th we attended a fireside with Michael Ballam.  It was held at Brother & Sister Lee’s.  The place they are staying has a beautiful ocean view.  Bro Ballam sang some show tunes and hymns.  He, his wife Laurie and son Ben who is serving his mission at the PCC leave on May 30 to go back to Logan, Utah.  Brother  Ballam will going back to work doing ”Fiddler on the Roof” Brother Ballam will be playing “Tivia”
Tuesday, May 28 is the one year anniversary of our entering the Missionary Training Center in Prove.  We met Dave & Janice Campbell for dinner in Honolulu.
Saturday, May 29 we attended the Temple with Dave & Janice it was a full session.  Two young ladies were preparing to go on missions.  They are Cousins and were called to the same mission.  We were ask to be the Witness Couple.  That was special since we were there with good friends

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Teaching our Kahana Valley Class

Elder Anderson doing some clean-up service.

 April 28, 2013
One year from today is our mission end date and we will be on our way home where ever that may be.  Time has marched by quickly, eleven months already.  Missionary work is still somewhat new to us and we are still learning.  But we are becoming more brave in our approach and teaching lessons.
May 11, 2013 is the baptism date for Larry and Jill Mauck and three of their daughters.  Another daughter and son are too young to be baptized.  This is a family that we met on the beach where they had been living for over a month in a tent because the home they were renting had a fire.   The stake youth were doing a service project and the father Larry ask what they were doing.  The Youth Leaders explained about youth conference and Larry said he had two daughters that would like to participate and they helped with the beach cleanup.  We went down to the beach to meet them and invited the mom & girls to attend Young Woman General Broadcast.  They attended and enjoyed it very much.  Marsha invited them to take the missionary lessons and they said they would like to hear more about the Gospel. 
They found a temporary place to live and moved off the beach which was out of our ward boundaries.
The Stake President(Aaron Shumway) ask us to continue to meet with them along with the young Elders.  Dennis sat in on those lessons while I took the three youngest children for a lessons more geared for them.  They are a good family.
We went to a Tongan wedding reception Saturday afternoon.   The bride and groom are in their 40’s, first marriage for each of them.  It was from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  Different from our mainland receptions you stay for the WHOLE time.  Lots of Loud music, dancing and people speaking about the bride and groom, all in their native Tongan language.  The couple was sitting on a couch on risers with a table in front of them with a whole roasted pig. There were about 350 people in attendance in the stake center cultural hall.  They really know how to enjoy themselves.  On Sunday the couple came to church with their native Tongan dress and spoke in Sacrament Meeting.  They said the Bishop had called them at 7:00 AM that morning and ask them to speak.  What a way to start your honeymoon!!!
A few weeks ago we had a pleasant surprise from Mark & Rebecca Olson from Highland, UT.  They are good friends of Danny and Denise.  They were in Honolulu for a vacation an came over to visit and have lunch with us. It was so fun to see them.
Mark and Rebecca Olson
We get a new mission President in July so Dennis has been busy making a DVD for President and Sister Dalton.  We had all the Sister and Elder missionaries serving In the Laie Zone during April 2013 record a good-Bye message to the Dalton’s.  We also recorded them singing two songs.  We sent the video files to Denise to compile the DVD.
The Mauck family has finalized plans for their baptism.  It is set for May 11, 2013 at 9:00 AM.  Dennis is doing the opening prayer and I am doing the closing prayer.  It should be a good turn out because three wards have been involved in fellowshipping them.
Sunday May 5, 2013 at our Sacrament meeting today a couple was visiting from Provo, UT.  Turns out they are Sarah & Cams neighbors.  What a small world, cute couple Kevin and Mari, he just graduated from BYU and is planning to go to dental school in Kentucky.
Thursday May 9, 2013 Tim and Ruth Pineda from our ward in Las Vegas came to visit us.  They were here for a week and came to Laie to see us.  We were so happy to visit with them.  We were their Home and Visiting teachers for about 5 years.  Ruth is a member and Tim is not.  They are both from the Philippines and met in Las Vegas and married there.  We ask them to meet us at the Temple Visitors Center.  We walked in and who was there to greet us but Sister Gamba who is from the Philippines.  The three of them were from the same city and speak the same dialect; they had a wonderful time talking. We watched a couple of movies at the Visitors Center.  We don’t think this was a coincidence that Sister Gamba was there to greet us.  The Lord has his hand in missionary work.

Sarah, Cam and Miles arrived late May 9, 2013, they were here for 10 days.

Cameron helping out at the Kahana Valley class.

May 11, 2013 five members of the Mauck family were baptized today.  A great experience to see them baptized.  Many missionaries never have the opportunity to teach and baptize a family. There were people from three wards attending we didn’t count but there had to be more than 50 in attendance.
May 12, 2013 we attended the Hauula fourth ward to see the Mauck family confirmed.  Larry Mauck ask Dennis to confirm him.  He was also sustained to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and during priesthood meeting he again ask Dennis to Confer the Priesthood on him and ordain him a Priest.

Tami and Jake Fackrell (Danny's sister who was also Denise's friend before they married) also came by to visit.  Tami spoke at a workshop for our ward.  It was great and so fun to see them.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Whale watching off of Honolulu

The missionaries that serve in the Kahana Valley. Elder Allen and Elder Armstrong

Sunday February 3rd.
Danny & Denise came to visit, they had dinner with us and Kassi Hartle came over from BYUH also.  They stayed at Ko’olina which is on the other of the island several miles west of Honolulu.
Tuesday February 5th.
We all went to a BYUH Basketball game that was played in Honolulu. Danny treated us to a great steak dinner after the game.
Thursday February 7th. Kassi Hartle received her mission call.  Danny & Denise came to our apartment and Kassi and three of her friends came over also to open her call.  We set up “face time” with her family in Lehi, Utah. It was exciting to see where she will be going. She was called to the Little Rock, Arkansas Mission.  We are sure she will be a great missionary.
Our Wednesday class in Kahana Valley is going well.  We had seven Children attend with two non-member neighbor children.  One of them gave the closing prayer and did a beautiful job. He had been taught by the full time elders some time ago.

Celebrating Kassi's mission call at Angels shaved ice :)

Tuesday February 12th.
We attended the BYUH devotional, the speaker was May Shumway the wife of our stake president.  After the devotional we were walking out of the BYUH book store, President Shumway stopped us and invited us to attend the luncheon for his wife the devotional speaker along with President and Sister Wheelwright the president of BYUH.  During the luncheon we were ask to share our experiences at Kahana Valley.  In Attendance was a couple who knows several of the families in Kahana Valley and their history.  They said they would to go visiting with us.  The members here are very missionary minded and are always willing to help.
We have a new Senior Couple here now they will be serving in the Tongan Ward.  They are Elder & Sister Wishart from Orange County California.  They are friends of President and Sister Dalton and are from the same ward in California.  They have some health problems and will probably be here for 6 months.  They are very nice and it will be good to have them here he is part Tongan and will be a great blessing to that Ward.
Thursday February 14th.
Valentine Day,  Dennis did not feel well so we stayed home for the day and got rested up.
Friday February 15th.
Dennis is going to help our 2nd. Ward unload a container of supplies for the Bishops store house in Honolulu it is about a 45 minute drive from our place here in Hau’ula.  He dropped me off a the mall so I can get a pedicure and pick up a few items, I can spend two hours easily at the mall.

Saturday February 16th.
It is our Stake conference this weekend.  They have a service project on Saturday mornings this time it was a deep cleaning of the chapels inside and out.  We do a class on Kahana for the children that are  not there during the week so we went there after the service project.
Sunday February 17th.
Dennis was ask to speak at the Priesthood Leadership meeting Sunday morning and then we went to Stake Conference.   The Stake Conference General session is held at the Cannon Center on the BYUH campus.  That is where they have Basketball and Volleyball games, it was nice sitting in seats with arm rests.